How to Write & Read Great Fantastical Fiction: Techniques and Tools in Fantasy & SF Literature

by | Nov 25, 2017

How to Write & Read Great Fantastical Fiction:
Techniques & Tools in Fantasy & Science Fiction Literature

Bestselling writer Nick Hallum delivers a “how to” manual on fiction techniques for writing fantasy and science-fiction in ways that can convince, enthrall and entrance your reader. Close analysis of fantastic, ghostly and horrific work by expert writers such as Tim Powers, Toni Morrison, Michael Chabon, Bram Stoker, Tolkien, and many more. Tips on how to create your own fantastical works!

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> Part I: Introduction – How to Write Fantasy Fiction

> Part II: Character Matters

> Part III: Grounding Magic in Reality

> Part IV: The Sorcery of Withholding

> Part V: Working Magic by Implication

> Part VI: All this must Converge

> Writing Fantasy Fiction: Citations and References

> Published Book: How to Write & Read Great Fantastical Fiction

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