Book Club Kits

Book Clubs regularly choose Ned Hayes’s books for reading and discussion. Particular favorites of book clubs are SINFUL FOLK, his first novel set in the Middle Ages, and THE EAGLE TREE, the bestselling novel set in Olympia, Washington. To facilitate your book club’s enjoyment of these books, you can order a book club kit FOR FREE (there is no fee for these book club kits)



The Eagle Tree Book Club Kit

Includes the following in each kit:

  • Eagle Tree book cover posters (10)
  • Pine Scented Candle (1)
  • Tree seeds for planting (16)
  • Celebrate Neurodiversity Buttons (10)
  • Autism Awareness Stickers (10)
  • Wooden Twig Pens (10)
  • Photos of Procession of the Species (10)

Sinful Folk Medieval Book Club Kit

Includes the following in each kit:

  • Sinful Folk book cover posters (10)
  • Authentic Medieval Recipe (1)
  • Sinful Folk full-color postcards (10)
  • Facsimile of original Chaucer manuscript (10)
  • Map of medieval England with Route (10)
  • Small rough-woven medieval-style bags (10)
  • Replica of Mear’s Ring (10)