by Ned Hayes

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The Eagle Tree
The Remarkable Story of a Boy and a Tree

Holy Trinity
Novella: An Eagle Tree Story

Sinful Folk:
A Novel of the Middle Ages,  with Nikki McClure

Coeur d’Alene Waters
A Pacific Northwest Noir

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“The Eagle Tree is a gorgeously written novel that features one of the most… memorable autistic protagonists in literature. The hero of the book is like a 14-year-old Walt Whitman with autism. Credible, authentic, powerful.”

Steve Silberman

New York Times bestselling author of Neurotribes

“A pilgrim tale worthy of Chaucer… artfully delivered by a master storyteller.”

Brenda Vantrease

bestselling author of The Illuminator

“Brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed, Hayes’ novel is woven through with a deep knowledge of medieval history, all conveyed in mesmerizing prose. At the center of the novel is Mear, a brave and heartbreaking character whose story of triumph over adversity is a joy to read.”

Joanne Wilkinson

Book Reviewer, BookList

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Nicholas Hallum

I write dark fantasy, horror and SF as Nicholas Hallum. You can follow me on my
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"A considerable achievement...   powerful and elegant...   morally complex and challenging. Wilderness of Mirrors is about the events of 9-11 and the War on Terror, but of course it's also about many other topics... the novel provides a scathing critique of the CIA and NSA."

David Huddle

former military intelligence specialist and author of My Immaculate Assassin

“Like a literary Rubik’s Cube, puzzling and full of compellingly offbeat traps and escapes, Wilderness of Mirrors depicts a wide, strange world in which modern nations compete to harness and weaponize monsters, enslaving malevolent spirits using arcane mathematics and the death tolls of bloody wars. Ned Hayes writes with stunning empathy of a truly global cast of characters--an Arab professor of linguistics, an aging female Chinese intelligence officer--who stumble through a landscape of political expedients toward a tempting yet horrific reality. Captivating.”

- Nisi Shawl

Nebula-nominated author of EVERFAIR