Classroom Study

Books by Ned Hayes are used in classrooms across the United States. THE EAGLE TREE has been graded at a (5+) on the Classroom Literature Lexile scale, and has thus been graded as appropriate for elementary and middle school use.

THE EAGLE TREE can be purchased in bulk sales from the publisher.

Classroom Talks

Ned Hayes speaks regularly in classrooms and to educational gatherings. He is a former elementary teacher and university lecturer and is comfortable in educational settings at all levels. He has also presented his work to teaching and literature conferences and has been a featured presenter at the ALA, international literary conferences and the AWP Conference in Washington D.C.

Classroom presentations can be customized for any educational level. Please note that Ned Hayes does not charge a fee for classroom appearances: only travel expenses.

To book Ned Hayes for a classroom appearance, contact his publicist at Kristen Iverson. Please indicate in the subject line that this is a non-paid classroom appearance, so that the request can be routed appropriately.

One example of a classroom presentation can be found here (presented to an elementary school assembly this year)

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