Sinful FolkInteresting interview on the book blog Seattle Wrote

Here’s a nice takeaway quote:

“Ultimately, I like to think that I write about common human questions. The past influences the present, and the need to find connection with each other – those human needs are the same across the centuries,” he said. “It’s a question of, can you redeem yourself? Can you mend relationships, and make your life have meaning? Can you find meaning and value and in some sense, salvation – saving yourself and finding your true self?”

Referencing something he read that author Alice Walker said, about how the ghosts of the past actually tell her their stories, Ned “Always thought that was silly. But in this novel, I really had that feeling with Mear. I felt that I was telling Mear’s story, and not mine. That was a fascinating experience, too,” he said. “Her humanity and experience as a person is the most appealing. Being able to see things through her eyes, gives us richer empathy for each other and helps us not to objectify each other … The human experience shouldn’t be subjected to one gender or one perspective.”

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