In January and February, SINFUL FOLK author Ned Hayes was invited to appear on a number of radio interviews and author talks across the U.S. The radio book tour ranged from a 2-minute “medieval Valentine’s Day talk” to a 2 hour discussion of literature, writing and the Middle Ages on public radio in Vermont. We have many audio clips, if you missed the live radio appearances. You can hear about scholarship in the Middle Ages, Valentine’s medieval traditions, and what’s coming next in historical fiction.  Enjoy a good listen! 

1/5 WDEV-AM&FM/Burlington Vermont — LIVE w/Mark Johnson, AM&FM combo

In early January, I was on the Mark Johnson Show in Vermont — podcast here.

1/13 — I was featured on “Lou in the Mornings” Florida.

1/14 TCTV Television Interview – Talking Heads Youth Public Television

1/22 — 8:30 am          “Business Talk Radio Network” – national  — live w/Frankie Boyer, nationally syndicated The Frankie Boyer Business Show

1/23 WBZ / CBS News Boston & Minneapolis 30 min live w/Jordan Rich

1/26 — 3:45 PM          “Sunshine State Radio Network” — with Mike Fitzgerald

1/27 WNEW-FM / Washington DC “A Good Read” w/Judlyne Lilly

2/8 —   4:00 am   “WIP-AM&FM/Philadelphia PA”    live w/Peter Solomon, AM&FM combo

1/27 WMKT-AM/ Michigan — “Purple Hayes – Books & the Superbowl” w/Vic McCarthy

2/8 Genesis Radio – interview on ”Jim Brown’s Common Sense”, nationally syndicated

2/10 WGDT-FM/Milwaukee WI Author Interview w/Greg Berg, National Public Radio (NPR)

2/11 KDVS-FM/Sacramento CA Doug Everett – live on ”Radio Parallax”, top-rated FM

2/12  KIRO-FM/Seattle WA “Valentine’s Day in the Middle Ages” w/Ron & Don

2/13 WGDR-FM Goddard College Montpelier Vermont Public Radio Station
        “Magical Mystery Tour” 2 hours live w/Tonio Epstein, NPR

2/13 WLW-AM/Cincinnati “History of Valentine’s Day” live w/Bill Cunningham Read Radio