Nightly Reading – Aug 19


Sinful Folk

Ned Hayes
Published January 22nd 2014 by Campanile Books
Pages 400
ISBN13: 9780985239305

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In December of the year 1377, five children were burned to death in a suspicious house fire. A small band of villagers traveled 200 miles across England in midwinter to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

Hayes exploits an event in history during one of the harshest periods in history to create one riveting read. The Middle Ages was brutal, disease, famine, environment and its demands took their toll on the population. Every day was a challenge with survival being the ultimate goal at the end of the day. Hayes masterfully sets the setting to captivate the readers focus exposing the challenges faced by one group as they embark on a treacherous road trip. The group battles savage events, bitter cold weather, continual peril. The hardships faced by this group requires strength and determination which through Hayes’ lens they manage. Leaving you totally submerged during the events faced along with the brutal and absorbing setting this is a thriller of a read. Mystery, secrets revealed, a horrific historical event all blend to create a narrative offering much through solid writing. Medieval fans will adore the perfect setting along with mystery and thrills and affecting characters. A page turner transporting the reader to an age where existing was a minute to minute task. Highly recommend Sinful Folk. Hayes is an author worthy of praise and your undivided attention.