Notes about identity, biometric authentication, decentralized identity, storage of secure identities, and identity management at scale (these have been areas of central interest in my technology career over the last fifteen years). You can subscribe for regular updates on these topics.

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Notes about Identity

and Biometric Authentication


Published Articles in print this year

Cyber Defense Magazine: How to be Smarter about Biometrics

State of Identity Podcast: Bridging the Physical and Digital Identity Divide
(interview with Ned Hayes)

Gluecon 2019: Defending Biometric Identity Conference Presentation (slides)

CPO Magazine: Defending Against Biometric Threats

Help Net Security: Taking ethical action in identity: 5 steps for better biometrics

Toolbox Magazine: How to Use Biometrics to Secure Identity

Payments Next: Biometrics Drive the Future of Payments

Find Biometrics: Interview with Ned Hayes on the Future of Identity

Security Info Watch: Ethics and Biometric Identity

Gluecon 2018: Ethics, AI and Algorithms (video)

Press Mentions this year (mostly regarding biometric identity)

ZDNet: National biometric database could be on the way

Planet Biometrics: SureID to partner with AI firm

Biometric Update: SureID and Robbie.AI partner to develop nationwide biometric capture system for consumer initiatives

Find Biometrics: Launch of Sterling Identity with new VerifyID

PR Newswire:
Robbie.AI and SureID combine AI-based facial recognition and security technology to bring holistic biometrics solution to U.S.

Naked Security: Is the US about to get a nationwide, privately owned, biometrics system?

Find Biometrics: SureID, Robbie.AI announce multimodal R&D collaboration

Electronics360: AI-Based facial recognition and security technology for next-gen biometrics

Robbie.AI and SureID Combine AI-based facial recognition and security technology to bring holistics biometrics solution to U.S.

SC Media: Biometrics and AI firm team up for first U.E. biometric database amidst criticism

Threat Post: New boom in facial recognition tech prompts privacy alarms

TechHQ: Would you use facial recognition on your employees?

Find Biometrics:
Intel Identity Manager Ned Hayes takes the helm at SureID

Planet Biometric: SureID Reports Company Changes, Ned Hayes as New Leader

Find Biometrics: SureID Emerges from Corporate Shakeup

Portland Business Journal: New Head for Identity and Access Company in Portland