The Eagle Tree – Mobile

The remarkable story of a boy and a tree

THE EAGLE TREE was published by Little A. The book sold over 80,000 copies to become a national bestseller and was listed in 2016 as one of Top 5 Books on the Autistic experience. Buy THE EAGLE TREE at indie bookstores,  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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“The Eagle Tree is a gorgeously written novel that features one of the most accurate, finely drawn and memorable autistic protagonists in literature. The hero of the book is like a 14-year-old Walt Whitman with autism. Credible, authentic, powerful.”

— Steve Silberman, New York Times bestselling author of Neurotribes

“Every human experience is unique, but The Eagle Tree provides insight into one distinctive and uniquely important perspective. The Eagle Tree seems very authentic to me.”

— Temple Grandin, internationally acclaimed author of The Autistic Brain