Save LBA Woods – The Eagle Tree Novel


Last summer, I was inspired by the LBA Woods campaign to write a new novel set in Olympia and that focused on this lovely wooded area. I’d invite you to join the LBA Woods campaign, and I’m also excited to announce that my new novel THE EAGLE TREE, has just been accepted by Amazon Publishing for publication as part of their Kindle Press imprint! Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement! Publication date to be announced.


THE EAGLE TREE is an unusual coming-of-age story told in the first person by March Wong, an autistic 14 year old boy obsessed with the trees of the Pacific Northwest.

Peter March Wong does not believe in things that are not true. He believes in trees. He can touch them. He knows their true names. He climbs an average of 5.6 trees every day. But he has never climbed THE EAGLE TREE.


March is fourteen years, four months, and three days old when the Eagle Tree gives him a reason to remember the name of the girl who sits next to him at school every day. And in the course of this unusual epic, March proves his voice deserves to be heard and remembered as well.


Informed by the author’s past experience teaching young people with autism, THE EAGLE TREE is a rare and important story told in a voice you will never forget.


THE EAGLE TREE will appeal to readers who enjoyed the award-winning CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME or Jim Lynch’s THE HIGHEST TIDE, which is also set in March’s—and the author’s—hometown of Olympia, Washington.


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