Mud Flat Shorts (Mostly Fiction)

Mud Flats ShortsI’m excited to have my short sequel to the bestselling novel The Eagle Tree featured in a new anthology from Olympia’s own Mud Flats Press. In this volume, you’ll find thirty-one great stories by nineteen writers from all around the world, among them my novella Holy Trinity. Buy the Anthology Here >>

The rest of the anthology includes the following: three stories by New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer-Prize nominee Jack Butler; two by O’Henry Award and Big Muddy magazine’s Mighty River Short Story Prize winner Keith Eisner; one by National Book Foundation’s “5 Under 35” novelist Megan Kruse; and even excerpts from James Robert Peery’s Angels Sleep Alone, a bestselling author who died in 1950 leaving behind an unpublished manuscript.

The stories in this volume range from contemporary drama to science fiction to the macabre, and each carries a strong sense of place—wherever that place happens to be.

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