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Ned HayesThe Ned Note is a monthly missive that highlights the curious and interesting, from books on writing craft to discerning updates on smartphone design and artificial intelligence. You will find notes on new novels as well as eclectic thoughts on board game design and insights into technology that may help us re-think the future of humanity. I am a novelist, a nationally syndicated journalist and the author of multiple books. So I also include items of personal interest, such as favorite bookstores and new book releases. Details on topics below.

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Tech Notes

I’m currently part of a dynamic team at leading AI company ASAPP. I have had a fascinating career working with marvelous technical teams around artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometric authentication, context awareness, and personal identity.

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of technology history alongside colleagues at ASAPP, Intel, Microsoft, Xerox PARC and Adobe. I’ve had a variety of patents granted for my inventions. You can read more about my technology career here.

Book Notes

The Eagle Tree

I write a lot about books. I’m a prolific reader and I like to discuss the writing process.

I’m also a published author. My novel The Eagle Tree became a national bestseller, and was recommended by Temple Grandin and featured by Steve Silberman as one of the top 5 books on the autistic experience. The novel has been translated internationally, was previewed in a stage adaptation by the Northwest Playwrights’ Alliance and has also been optioned for film.

My other novels include the historical novel Sinful Folk which has now been translated into six languages. Booklist described Sinful Folk as “brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed… woven through with a deep knowledge of medieval history, all conveyed in mesmerizing prose.” (Booklist Review)

You can find all of my published books here




Ned Note is a monthly missive that has been described as “a multifarious and bookish guide to a humanistic future that succinctly captures the import of both current books and new tech.

A bounty of thoughtful ideas, served up by a knowledgeable guide with insight and flair.”

Over 4,000 people subscribe to the monthly Ned Note.

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