Gargoyle Guide

Each book in the Gargoyle Guide focuses on a different magical creature and continues the adventures of the Castile siblings in discovering their magical heritage. The planned Gargoyle series is in the tradition of other fantasy series such as The Spiderwick Chronicles and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Three fractious siblings travel every summer to visit their peculiar grandfather in his Castle in the Catskills. However, when they show up this summer, the Castle is entirely missing! Petey, Ari and Tom search frantically and discover the library of the Castle preserved deep in the forest. When the buried books give them the ability to speak arcane languages, they unexpectedly find they can communicate with hidden magical creatures. This dangerous discovery pulls together their fraying bonds and unites them in finding out what happened to the missing Castle — and their grandfather. 

Coming Soon…

The first book in the Gargoyle Guide series is not yet published. Check back here for publishing details!


The Eagle Tree, international bestseller, published in many languages around the world. 


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