Sinful Folk

SINFUL FOLK, the acclaimed medieval mystery set in 1377.  Historical novel by Ned Hayes published by Campanile Books, starkly illustrated by Nikki McClure. * Starred * reviews from BookList, BookNote and more.

“A pilgrim tale worthy of Chaucer, evocative, compelling and peopled with unforgettable characters artfully delivered by a master storyteller” (Brenda Vantrease, bestselling
author of The Mercy Seller

“In the end, I listen to my fear. It keeps me awake, resounding through the frantic beating in my breast. It is there in the dry terror in my throat, in the pricking of the rats’ nervous feet in the darkness. Christian has not come home all the night long. I know, for I have lain in this darkness for hours now with my eyes stretched wide, yearning for my son’s return. On this night, I tell myself that the sound I hear is frost cracking, river ice breaking. I lie to my own heart, as one lies to a frightened child, one who can not be saved. All the while, I know it is a fire. And I know how near it is.” So begins the enthralling mystery of Sinful Folk > >




SINFUL FOLK is the story of a mother who carries a hidden secret and a terrible grief. In December of the year 1377, the village of Duns in northeast England suffered a great tragedy when five children died. The villagers demanded justice from the King.

SINFUL FOLK is the story of these villagers who undertook a desperate mid-winter journey with their dead children all the way across England to the King’s throne. Mear, a former nun who has lived for a decade disguised as a mute man, has her own reasons for going along on this quest. Yet one by one, all her secrets come out, and she finds the strength to claim her birthright, and accuse the murderer.

SINFUL FOLK begins in terror and heartache, and ends in triumph and redemption.