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I write dark fantasy, horror and SF as Nicholas Hallum. You can follow me on my Amazon Author page here, visit me on Twitter or Facebook, or you can sign up for early previews of new stories below.

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Winter Story: The Monument


After 9-11, one man is caught up in horrific events in Iraq.


A preview short story, excerpted from the forthcoming novel WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS


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Autumn Story: Sanctuary

Sanctuary - Nick Hallum

A chilling little Halloween story.


Do you like The Twilight Zone? Then you just might want to enter Sanctuary!


One neighborhood is lucky to be prepared when the world falls apart. A child narrates the story of how her neighbors found the strength to band together in unity against a self-destructive culture, and find the primeval instincts that might preserve the human race — becoming a bulwark of resistance to societal breakdown.

The only problem is that the rest of the world may not see them as the survivors, but instead as predators themselves.

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Summer Story: The Cambridge Key

Cambridge Key-v2In 1938, the British Crown anticipated war with the emerging fascist leader Adolf Hitler. The British Secret Service was desperate for code-breakers, and for a method to encode messages to Allied agents on the ground, deep in the heart of the continent.

One agent was assigned to solicit the help of a set of secretive, brilliant Cambridge professors to find a solution to this dangerous puzzle.

The cryptographic key these professors proposed was radical, and changed the course of the war effort (and English literature) forever…

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Here’s a list of the stories and books I’ve published, as well as forthcoming novels and short stories:


Sanctuary (A Halloween story about preppers and zombies, with a twist!) 

Ignition (Part I: The Janus War – a science fiction time-travel novel)

The Cambridge Key (Novella: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien on the eve of World War II)

Bitter Blood (A Northwest noir, with a supernatural and horrific twist


Bitter Blood   Cambridge Key-Final   Ignition   Sanctuary - Nick Hallum



Sea of Sand (Preview) coming soon

Wilderness of Mirrors: Recalled to Life         (Book 1)

Wilderness of Mirrors: The Heedless Ones   (Book 2)

Wilderness of Mirrors: A Secret Storm          (Book 3)

Wilderness of Mirrors: Mountain of Fire       (Book 4)

Wilderness of Mirrors - Nick Hallum  Wilderness of Mirrors - Nick Hallum  Wilderness of Mirrors - Nick Hallum  Wilderness of Mirrors - Nick Hallum